Edwards Performance Solutions is excited to share our status as an approved Maryland Cybersecurity Tax Credit seller!

The Buy Maryland Cybersecurity Tax Credit (SB228) was signed into law by Governor Hogan in May 2018 and is administered through the Maryland Department of Commerce. This bi-partisan legislation makes Maryland the first state to both incentivize businesses to purchase cybersecurity protections locally and investors to invest in Maryland cybersecurity companies.

Edwards is currently one of the few companies registered as approved sellers in the state. This incentive allows Edwards to aid other smaller businesses in establishing proper cybersecurity hygiene and more affordable protections.

Starting January 2019, Qualified Maryland Cybersecurity buyers may claim up to $50,000 in tax credit per tax year – making cybersecurity a business priority in Maryland.

Learn more about the tax credit, as well as how to become an approved buyer/seller on the Department of Commerce website.


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