CCP Instructor Bundle




The CCP Instructor Bundle includes all the pieces to prepare any instructor to teach a classroom of participants.

CCP Instructor Slides

500+ slides for 5 days of teaching that follow the flow of the CCP Exam Prep Guide. The slides also include the course syllabus and instructor notes on each slide.

CCP Instructor Facilitator’s Guide

This guide includes resources for the LTPs to get the most out of their training materials, including an overview of contents with instructions​, an appendix of exercises (polls, breakout group exercises, class discussions)​, scenarios to be used for a classroom exercise​, PDFs of current supplementary student downloads (800-171 R2, CMMC Model​), instructions for ordering additional training licenses, and FAQs.

CCP Field Guide  Exam Prep Manual for CCPs & Assessors

This 500-page, full-color Field Guide is the most comprehensive study guide available, packed with critical components to reinforce dynamic learning including, SME context throughout​, helpful tips, “Hair on Fire” – gotchya’s to avoid, practice questions, and scenarios and exercises.

All LTP downloadable products will be made available 2-3 business days after purchase. Printed products should be available for shipping on September 10, 2021.